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Mike (Woody) Woodhead

mike woody Woodhead

Mike Woodhead, better known as Woody, is well known in the area as the past owner of the lucky Lotto shop "Woody's Winners." As the past owner of several other successful businesses, Mike has acquired a good knowledge of commercial real estate and having lived and worked in the rural community for 11 years, he is also well suited to the marketing of rural lifestyles, along with residential properties. Keeping things in the family, Mike's wife, Susan, is also a successful salesperson in the Mangawhai Heads office. Mike's enthusiasm for the real estate industry, his honesty and good humour have built up many strong relationships with his clients and he welcomes your enquiries and looks forward to meeting you.
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Mike (Woody) Woodhead

Sales Consultant

Wood Street Shopping Centre
7 Wood Street
Mangawhai Heads, Mangawhai